Rules for Children

  1. Children shall greet their parents with "Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!" when they enter the house and tell their parents "goodbye!" when they leave.
  2. Children will always be respectful of their parents, Teachers, and Elders.
  3. Children will be kind to their Brothers and Sisters.
  4. Children will keep the household neat and clean.
  5. Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily.
  6. Children will not interrupt Adult Conversation.
  7. Children shall strive for Straight A's daily!
    1. When you come home from school, open the refrigerator and have a glass of milk or juice.
    2. Open your book to review what you have studied today.
    3. Do your homework.
    4. Preview what you will study tomorrow.

Children who do not obey their parents CHEERFULLY may be reduced in Rank.

Code of Conduct
  1. Students will bow when entering and leaving the school, when entering and leaving the class, and when stepping on and off the mats.
  2. All students must bow in and out with all the classes.
  3. Students will ask permission of the instructor to enter class, when you are entering class late.
  4. There is to be NO talking on the floor, except for training purposes.
  5. No horseplay in the school (especially on the punching bags and mats).
  6. No profanity will be allowed in the school.
  7. No jewelry or chewing gum will be allowed in the class.
  8. No smoking will be allowed in the school.
  9. The senior student will be responsible to maintain order in the school. (Line up students, etc...)
  10. Black Belt holders and Instructors under 5th dan will be referred to as Mr. or Ms.
  11. Students are to refer to and address all instructors/black belts as follows:
  12. Show respect and love between junior and senior ranks.
  13. Students will conduct themselves outside the school as ladies and gentlemen and honorable representatives of the program at all times, especially when visiting other clubs or martial arts studios.
  14. Students are strictly forbidden to challenge or provoke others into a street fight situation.
Failure to comply with the above code of conduct can result in:
  1. Discipline Drills
  2. Dismissal from Class
  3. Period of Probation
  4. Loss of Grade
  5. Suspension from activities and dismissal

This Code of Conduct is here to insure a safe environment in which the students can learn without dangerous distractions and in which the instructors can exercise responsibility for the students' safety. Furthermore, it is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, and to foster habits of discipline and cooperation.

English Korean English Japanese
Grandmaster Kwan Jang Nim Grandmaster O Sensei
Master/Senior Instructor Sa Bum Nim Master Instructor Shihan
Instructor Kyosa Nim Black Belt Instructor Sensei
Asst. Instructor Kangsa Nim Senior Student Sempai








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