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Listed below are common and frequent questions that are asked.  If you have a question not listed below please contact us.

  1. What is Martial Arts?
  2. What is Karate?
  3. What is the meaning of the Korean flag?
  4. What is the meaning of the Japanese flag?
  5. What is the meaning of the Chinese flag?

What is Martial Arts?

» Martial Arts are commonly practiced for self-defense. There are two main styles of Martial Arts; the Yin and the Yang. The Yang style arts are such arts as Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Shotokan, and other variations. These are called the "hard arts", and they are more physically demanding. They are designed to strengthen the muscles, teach self defense techniques, as well as strengthen the mind and spirit.

This spirit permeates all students and ranks within our school. FWTMA focuses its efforts and energy into developing its students so that they achieve results higher than they originally thought possible. We do this by creating a family atmosphere where students may come and train together, secure in the knowledge that they are among friends who will help achieve their personal goals.

We expect our students to train hard in each class that they attend and to adopt the learnings which the instructors share with them. FWTMA maintains high expectations for its students. These expectations manifest themselves in the success that our students achieve in the personal, professional, and scholastic lives. Because of our commitment to excellence, our students also achieve success at local and regional tournaments, bringing home many trophies.

We challenge students to measure their progress against themselves and not against other students. This approach requires discipline from the student, yet instills confidence as they begin to see the results of their training.


What is Karate?

» Karate is the foundation art of Five White Tigers Martial Arts. The word karate is a combination of two Japanese characters: kara, meaning empty, and te, meaning hand; thus, karate means "empty hand." In this art, we teach from beginner (white belt) all the way through a Masters black belt in Karate~Moo Duk Kwon.

Moo Duk Kwon translates to "Institute of Martial Virtue". This is a code that all of our students are encouraged and expected to live up to every day. In our Martial Arts program, we have a colored belts system, with "tips" between each belt to mark progress towards the ultimate goal of Black Belt.

We also teach classical oriental weapons to all students after they have been with us for one year. The average length of time for a student to achieve 1st degree Black Belt is 4 to 5 years.


What is the meaning of the Korean flag?

» The Korean flag is called "Taeguek," which means "the origin of all things in the Universe."

The red and blue portions of the circle in the middle symbolize the "um" and "yang" (yin and yang) theory of eternal duality, the interaction of positive and negative forces.

The four bar designs or "gye" in the corners of the flag are based on this um and yang principle. The location of the four gye represent the four points of the compass. "Ee-gye," in the lower-left corner, indicates dawn and early sunlight as the sun rises in the East. "Kyn-gye," in the upper-left corner, represents bright sunshine when the sun is directly overhead in the South at mid-day. "Kam-gye," in the upper-right corner, symbolizes twilight as the sun sets in the West. "Kon-gye," in the lower-right corner, represents darkness when the sun is out of sight in the North.


What is the meaning of the Japanese flag?

» The Flag of Japan is referred to as Nisshoki (sun flag) or Hinomaru (sun circle) which simply has a red disc on a white field.

We display the Japanese flag in our school because the art of Kobujutsu, or weapons, that we study originates from Japan.


What is the meaning of the Chinese flag?

» The Chinese Flag, is called the Five-stars-red Flag. The color red symbolizes revolution. The larger star represents the Chinese Communist Party and the four smaller stars symbolize the people of China.

We display the Chinese flag because the art of Tai Chi Chuan that we study originates from China.



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