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Master Trusty shares his thoughts.

Changing our Community Through Martial Arts
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Martial Arts is a lifestyle of acceptance.

Martial Arts is a level playing field where people of all types and beliefs come together to train. A martial artist knows it is about growing the human spirit beyond what is average or normal to the programmed agenda of the powers that be. A martial artist takes the training they learn and thinks how do I apply this new discipline to my life outside of the dojo and help make the world around me better?

In a time when things seem almost a lost cause and we are heading for certain doom. We as martial artist must shine a light in  this dark world that shows how to accept another person for who they are and not what we think they are based on bias information fed to us by people who could care less about us (corporate media, etc. you know where I am going with this). We are the ones who need to show love even when it is not shown to us, we are the ones who need to show people how to get up dust themselves off and persevere, we are the ones who will pave the new way or it will never happen.

This past weekend I attended a martial arts tournament where all types of people were present and you know what, we got along! There was healthy competition, there was laughter, there was hugging , there was a true human spirit of acceptance. How did this happen you ask? Because we looked at each other as martial artist, we didn’t see what the media tells us we should see. We saw other humans hurting and we saw the human spirit. That spirit that just wants to be loved and accept for who they are right now at that moment in time. That is what we gave each other this past weekend acceptance. No one wants to be judged, we want to be loved. I am not saying the martial arts community is perfect we have our rouges as well but we do know how to look past our differences and learn from those not like us. Of course don’t ask us to agree upon how a form should be done, that’s not going to happen. We will accept another form style but we may not agree with it but we accept it because that style is making that person a better person. In the end that is what it is really about.

You see we as martial artist see the human spirit and we need to cultivate it. We have the power to do this if we choose because you know as well as I do, it will happen no other way. I challenge the martial arts community to step out and show the world what acceptance truly looks like. We have a long hard road ahead of us but we have the training to make it happen!


Master RJ Trusty






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