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About Master Trusty (FWTMA Owner)

Master RJ Trusty has long held the belief that exploring various Martial Arts styles enriches overall training.  When he purchased the school in 2004, he trained with Grandmaster Randolph S. Smith, Sr, in order to refine the requirements for Karate.  In 2005, he began to train in Tai Chi with Shifu Ralph Dehner, to add the balance and grace of that style to his repertoire.

As he enjoys working with students, Master Trusty began the Leaves of Learning karate program for home-schooled children in 2007, and continues teaching there today.  This gives those students an opportunity for movement and exercise.

Master Trusty put in long extra hours of daily training, and achieved his 5th dan Master’s rank in 2008.  Later that same year, he changed the name of the school to Five White Tigers Martial Arts.  In keeping with his philosophies on the art; each element of the new logo has meaning for the school and the students.

He branched out again in 2010 and started a class in Tai Chi at Tri Health.  He had received his certification in Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) and is working with seniors and others on improving health, mobility and fall prevention.

Rothenberg Prep School required classes for their young people, and Master Trusty designed a regimen for those students in martial arts in 2010.  He trained in Kung Fu with Sifu Ralph Brown from 2011-2013, and saw an opportunity to add Kung Fu elements and discipline to the Rothenberg program.

Teaching children on the Autism Spectrum and with other special needs is also close to Master Trusty’s heart.  He began instructing at Skyward Academy, and also has weekly classes for ASD at Five White Tigers.  His experiences in Tai Chi enhance the connection to the students, and they attain the benefits of balance, coordination, flexibility and stress relief.

In addition to his skills in Karate, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, Master Trusty also has a deep interest in Reiki and has reached the level of healer in that art.  He also devotes time to the study of Iron Palm – this art conditions the hands to deliver very powerful blows without injury, while maximizing the force against the attacker.  All of the arts Master Trusty studies are interrelated, and utilize breathing, conditioning, and tendon and strength exercises to attain a more comprehensive martial arts experience.

Master Trusty’s continuing growth in Martial Arts has been brought back to enrich the teaching at Five White Tigers.  There is a blend of skills to learn that aid each student in their own growth, balance, strength, power and perseverance.  Master Trusty shares his knowledge and blends his myriad skills into each class.  Every one of his instructors and students is encouraged and supported in their own martial arts journeys.  We are Changing Our Community Through Martial Arts.


FWTMA Mission Statement

Five White Tigers Martial Arts (FWTMA) is dedicated to Authentic Martial Arts Tradition.

This spirit permeates all students and ranks within our school. FWTMA focuses its efforts and energy into developing its students so that they achieve results higher than they originally thought possible. We do this by creating a family atmosphere where students may come and train together, secure in the knowledge that they are among friends who will help achieve their personal goals.

We expect our students to train hard in each class that they attend and to adopt the learnings which the instructors share with them. FWTMA maintains high expectations for its students. These expectations manifest themselves in the success that our students achieve in the personal, professional, and scholastic lives. Because of our commitment to excellence, our students also achieve success at local and regional tournaments, bringing home many trophies.

We challenge students to measure their progress against themselves and not against other students. This approach requires discipline from the student, yet instills confidence as they begin to see the results of their training.

How can we claim “Passion for Excellence” since 1987?

The name may be new but the school has a 20 years plus history. The school was founded in 1987 as “Roberts School of Karate” in Goshen Ohio. In 1995, a second branch opened in Loveland, Ohio.

In 2004 Master Trusty took over ownership and operations. In 2008 Master Trusty changed the name to “Five White Tigers Martial Arts”. As you can see the name has changed, but our dedication and commitment to martial arts has not. We take pride in being one of the oldest schools in the Loveland, Milford, and Goshen area. Our school has been an elite school for the last 20 plus years and we will continue to carry that tradition on into the 21st century.

Student/Parent Responsibilties

It is important to recognize that results will vary from student to student. A student’s ability to achieve their goals is greatly impacted by the amount of effort that student puts into his/her training. While training at FWTMA is important in identifying the areas where a student needs work, it is up to the student to work on these areas away from the school.

Only by working on these techniques at home, can a student realistically expect to achieve the proficiency required to promote to the next level. Parents have a duty to ensure that their children are working on the techniques that their children have been instructed when at home. Doing so, will enable your child to get the most from their Karate experience.

Promotion to the next rank is based upon the following criter

  • Proficient demonstration of the required techniques and elements
  • Positive Attitude
  • Respect for the art of Karate, higher ranks, and fellow students
  • Discipline and hard work

Karate can be a wonderful, lifetime experience for you and/or your child. Our goal at Five White Tigers Martial Arts is to provide an atmosphere of learning in order to accomplish this goal. Our success as a school is based upon your success in achieving those goals which you have set for yourself.

We are glad that you have chosen to join our family and will commit our resources in helping you/your child to achieve the results you desire.




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